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the only thing we turn down is
your energy cost

qub can transform the way you monitor, use and conserve your energy. We provide our products and services across multiple sectors including government, commercial, industrial and manufacturing. As energy professionals, qub can offer businesses an insight into energy consumption, through our products and services including: 

  • Energy audits
  • Power quality control
  • Intelligent metering
  • LED lighting
  • Power generation
  • Battery storage
  • Intelligent transport systems

professional energy services

As an EcoXpert we are trained by Schneider Electric and have world-leading knowledge of integrated building control, reliable power management and efficient energy management. We connect the dots between theory and practicality in our project designs. Our engineering and manufacturing capabilities provides our clients continuity with a single company providing design, construct and installation services.

energy audits

qub can carry out energy audits.  These outline energy consumption, recommendations on energy savings, implementation costs and expected emission reductions.

power quality control

We identify and correct power quality issues through power factor correction design.   

power generation

qub designs and installs generator back-up systems, including Automatic Transfer Switches (ATS).

Without exception, every service and product supplied by qub is designed, manufactured and installed with the highest attention to detail, having undergone our rigorous quality standards.

 intelligent metering

qub has world-leading knowledge of integrated building control, reliable power management & efficient energy management.

  • Metering and monitoring (water, air, gas, electricity, steam)
  • Demand management and peak-load lopping
  • Power factor correction
  • Load shedding
  • Tennant billing and cost allocation
  • Power quality analysis
  • Energy optimisation and control
  • Remote monitoring and meter reading
  • Investigating building energy performance for NABERS/GreenStar Programs

 led lighting

qub offers energy efficient lighting design and installation. Electricity consumption can be lowered substantially just by making changes to your lighting. We have assisted many businesses take advantage of South Australia’s Retailer Energy Efficiency Scheme (REES), which provides free upgrades to energy efficient LED lights. We take care of the paperwork for you and apply for the incentives on your behalf. Current incentives apply to:

  • Fluoro to LED upgrades
  • High bay to LED replacements
  • Up to 900 GJ REES replacement equivalent per site
  • Commercial showerheads

 battery storage

Battery storage can reduce peak demand charges, shift mains grid electricity consumption profiles, and make the most of solar power. If you don’t already have solar PV installed, qub can arrange this at the same time as installing battery storage. 

Unlike many other electrical contractors, qub is not tied to a particular battery manufacturer. We prefer to remain independent so we can design and install the most effective battery storage system that meets your unique requirements.  We are well versed in all the major battery storage products on the market, and have a deep understanding of how businesses can make the best use of this new technology, when combined with solar PV.

intelligent transport systems -
hi-tech highways

Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) are used to smooth traffic flows, provide information to drivers on traffic and road conditions, improve safety, increase productivity and reduce fuel consumption and greenhouse gases. 

Combining engineering expertise, manufacturing capabilities and advanced technologies, qub provides a range of ITS services, including;

  • Roadside electrical and communication cabinets
  • Installation of variable message and speed signs
  • Plant control and monitoring systems
  • Power supply and distribution
  • Tunnel and emergency lighting systems
  • Systems integration
  • Data communication networks
  • Expected arrival time systems

To discuss your energy or electrical engineering needs, please get in touch.