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Need a weatherproof switchboard delivered fast with energy management built in?

Box-it is an innovative and sturdy industrial enclosure, used to house electrical, instrumentation, communications and pneumatic circuits.  Made from stainless steel and with an IP Rating of 66, there is no tougher enclosure at a comparable price. Thanks to innovative manufacturing techniques, delivery is one of the fastest in the industry – normally in 30 days or less.

qub designs and manufactures Box-it, incorporating sophisticated energy management capability, to measure your energy usage per individual circuit breaker. This value-add capability, designed exclusively by our electrical engineers, makes Box-it truly unique.

Box-it is currently installed in the most remote areas of Australia, facing the toughest environmental conditions.  Box-it is perfect for the following industries where electrical components need maximum protection:

Mining, Oil & Gas, Utilities, Industrial, Marine and Petrochemical

Quick Delivery

Box-it has been designed to accept standard modular components, which is why we can deliver so quickly.  You’ll never have to wait more than 30 days for delivery on standard orders. We have streamlined ordering, design and manufacturing to make things hassle-free for our clients.


Box-it can be easily customised to suit any application.  Our highly skilled electrical engineers pre-configure the units to your specifications at our warehouse in Welland, South Australia.


There is no better protection for the technology you rely on.  Box-it meets stringent mining industry standards and is designed to withstand all weather conditions and incidental damage.  Box-it enclosures are currently installed in some of Australia’s toughest, most remote locations, where they perform flawlessly.

energy management

Box-it can be ordered with an energy management system and a web interface, which means you have the added benefit of being able to track your energy use at an individual circuit level. Accessing this detailed information means you can be more efficient with power and ultimately save money. As only one of two SA companies accredited to supply Power Monitoring Expert (PME) software from Schneider Electric, we can help you isolate how much power is being used and when by each electrical component.  This means you can:

  • Schedule when equipment is used, to benefit most from electricity tariffs
  • Get early warning signs on machine degradation, so you can better organise preventative maintenance programs
  • Apportion power costs according to energy consumption


The durability of Box-it is second-to-none, thanks to the high-quality chassis and components:

  • SS316 handles
  • IP66-certified
  • Power-coated internals
  • Padlockable handles
  • Door stay is fitted standard
  • Broad range of chassis, including ISOBAR
  • Two screw bar links
  • Lockable CB/devices.

To discuss your switchboard requirements, please get in touch.