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We are a multi-dimensional electrical engineering and contracting company

qub can transform the way you monitor, use and conserve your energy

the qub difference:
engineers, as well as electricians

qub is an electrical engineering company that helps businesses to monitor energy usage in real time.  We aim to conserve energy and drive down costs, creating rapid payback for our clients, who include commercial and industrial companies, manufacturers, government, electrical contractors, property developers and facility managers. 

Our knowledge of electrical automation and installation is second-to-none but unlike other electrical contractors we have engineering expertise too.  We employ engineers and the owners of the business come from electrical design backgrounds. This means we can design electrical solutions to suit your exact requirements, as well as supply & install too. 

This gives you:

  • One supplier to deal with, for design, supply and installation
  • Peace of mind that electrical solutions are designed & signed off by engineers
  • Value for money that we design systems to suit, and provide the most energy efficient solutions for your building or premises.

So, whether you need solar, battery storage or power generation we can provide a system that will suit your unique requirements.

energy saving solutions

Our commercial and industrial clients have a range of energy-related requirements.  These include:

    • – Tracking the energy consumption of a building or premises – either in a new build, or existing dwelling. This can be particularly important in multi-tenanted buildings where transparency of the energy use of different tenants is key.
    • – Creating more energy efficient buildings, to lower costs, and make them more sustainable from an operational point of view.
  • – Ensuring buildings meet their energy ratings to comply with Building Codes.


energy audits

As a qualified EcoXpert Energy Advisor with Schneider Electric, qub can outline energy consumption and give recommendations on energy savings.

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intelligent metering

Our team has world-leading knowledge of integrated building control, reliable power & efficient energy management.

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power generation & quality control

qub is an EcoXpert Connected Power Partner with Schneider Electric. We design & install generator back-up systems (including ATS) and correct power quality issues.

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battery storage

Reduce peak demand charges, shift mains grid electricity consumption profiles, and to make the most of solar power.

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led lighting

qub offers energy efficient lighting design and installation.  Electricity consumption can be lowered substantially just by making changes to your lighting.

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intelligent transport systems 

(ITS) are used to smooth traffic flows, provide information to drivers, improve safety, increase productivity & more.

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our clients

We have close working relationships with many of our clients, some lasting over 10 years.  Most of our work is carried out in South Australia, from our large workshop in Welland.  Some of our clients are listed below.  In addition, we work with electrical contractors, property developers and facility managers.